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Saturdays HNL

As a blogger dabbling in all that surrounds leisure, I find it to be my self proclaimed responsibility to push myself to embrace and explore the realms of fashion, travel, food and all of the above to it's greatest extent. I admit I have been quite lack luster, sporadic at the very best, and am now here vowing to committing to action and succumbing to the unfamiliar and uncomfortable.

My previous post "Nø Waves Nø Where" focused on my dependence of comfort and monotony. Unintentionally, I had proven what I had grown blind to all along. I had grown content. Satisfied.

But that isn't what fashion is. Personal style. To forgo all inhibitions, express oneself, and think outside of the moment. I forgot. But now, on this Saturday morning amid the grime and graffiti speckling Chinatown, I remembered, and I tried. Tried something new, that in it's uncertainty sparked excitement and commitment.

So what do you think? I'm pushing beyond my basic tee's and trunks, and mixing patterns and prints, combining colors, and exploring cuts and silhouettes. Complacency is not this and from this point on will never be.

photography by Maurice Berbano

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