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Rance China outfit post
Rance China outfit post

Despite what many tend to believe- since I do post pictures of myself whether it be on my blog or on Instagram- being in front of the camera causes me to stress out! I am no model by any means and merely treat my body as a mannequin of sorts to display the fashions that live within my closet. However, I was so fortunate this time around to be accompanied by one of the besties, who is not only killin it in the academics but also as an accomplished model here in the Islands.

Rance China outfit post
Rance China outfit post
Rance China outfit post
Rance China outfit post

In addition to us both harboring an extreme infatuation with Teva's, we both can never take each other seriously and just goofed off the entire shoot! Naturally, I chose to hide the fact and found the very few images we actually managed to remain serious in. But let me tell you the rest of the film is a mess! Maurice definitely had his work cut out for him, poor guy, but it was honestly the most fun I've had being in front of the camera!

If you ever want to join me in a shoot, hit me up don't be shy! I need all the help I can get!


photography by Maurice Berbano

Shirt Brixton | Pants Your Neighbors | Footwear Teva

My lovely friend & model BJ Jiyarom wearing:

Dress Yireh | Footwear Teva


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