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Kaimana Farm Cafe

Rance China

If you've ever driven on Kapahulu there's a chance you noticed the rustic signs and plants beckoning lovers of farm fresh ingredients and bold flavors to stop on by. Kaimana Farm Cafe was a must try on my everlasting endeavor to find the best brunch spots on the island, and as I am a sucker for benedict anything, I wasn't disappointed in the slightest.

Rance China at Kaimana Cafe

After about fifteen minutes of deep contemplation and complimentary cups of infused water, I settled on the Smoked Salmon Benedict with a side of brussels sprouts while my partner in crime settled on their coveted omelet souffle.

Rance China at Kaimana Cafe
Rance China at Kaimana Cafe
Rance China at Kaimana Cafe

The food, the ambiance, even the staff were so amazing that I predict I'll probably be returning weekly at least for a couple of months. I can't wait to sampo the rest of the menu and I hope you all get to experience this little slice of brunch heaven! Stay Fresh!!!!

Tip- You also have the option to order online to eliminate wait time and pick up is in 30 minutes or less.

Photography: Samantha Feyen

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