Kaimana Farm Cafe

If you've ever driven on Kapahulu there's a chance you noticed the rustic signs and plants beckoning lovers of farm fresh ingredients and bold flavors to stop on by. Kaimana Farm Cafe was a must try on my everlasting endeavor to find the best brunch spots on the island, and as I am a sucker for benedict anything, I wasn't disappointed in the slightest.

After about fifteen minutes of deep contemplation and complimentary cups of infused water, I settled on the Smoked Salmon Benedict with a side of brussels sprouts while my partner in crime settled on their coveted omelet souffle.

The food, the ambiance, even the staff were so amazing that I predict I'll probably be returning weekly at least for a couple of months. I can't wait to sampo the rest of the menu and I hope you all get to experience this little slice of brunch heaven! Stay Fresh!!!!

Tip- You also have the option to order online to eliminate wait time and pick up is in 30 minutes or less.

Photography: Samantha Feyen

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